Paul Brunst: Benefits of Volunteering

Paul Brunst is a Colorado police officer with over a decade of experience. In addition to serving his community as an officer of the law, Brunst enjoys volunteering and helping charities in his area, often as a family activity.

Paul Brunst- Benefits of Volunteering

“Volunteer work, to me, is every bit as important as being a police officer. I became a cop because I wanted to help others, and that’s the same reason I volunteer.” Paul Brunst said in a recent interview. “It’s all for the better of the community and the world my kids will live in.

If you’re considering joining Brunst and other volunteers in helping others, benefits like those below might convince you to take your first volunteer role:

  • Community Support.

If every community had enough volunteers and charity supporters, the world might see much less suffering and more happiness. Any volunteer effort can strengthen your community and brighten the lives of those in need.

  • Family Bonding.

Officer Brunst involves his family in his volunteer and charity efforts whenever he can. As a result, he, his wife and their three children have closer bonds. Volunteering for familial bonding isn’t selfish, it’s a great perk of a compassionate activity.

Paul Brunst: Benefits of Volunteering

Whether you’re a seasoned police officer like Paul Brunst or a high school student looking to fill the summer, volunteer work can improve your life and those of others. What better reason is there to do something?