Paul Brunst: Perks of Active Hobbies

Paul Brunst is a Denver, Colorado, police officer with over a decade of experience. He enjoys his career and, when he isn’t working, he’s with his family hiking, biking, shooting or exercising to stay fit.

People who lead active lives like Paul Brunst’s enjoy several physical and mental benefits. For example, if you begin hiking, biking and working out like Brunst and his family, you could benefit from perks like those touched on below:

  • Lower Disease Risk.

People with active hobbies move more often and burn more calories. This helps control your weight and thus lowers your risk of obesity-related disease. If you hate exercising and struggle with your weight, an active hobby can provide the perfect solution.

  • Less Stress.

Active hobbies combine exercise and fun, both of which fight stress and improve good moods, which is integral for those with intense careers like Officer Brunst. Taking your mind off the day-to-day, getting your blood pumping with fitness and finding happiness in your time should never be stressful.

  • Active Social Life.

An active hobby like hiking, biking or shooting gives you the opportunity to attend classes or join groups, both of which create a more active social life.

If you’d like to join people like Paul Brunst in leading active, healthy lives, look for a hobby that gets you moving and makes you happy. Whatever form of movement you enjoy, from dancing to hiking and anything in between, can help improve your body and mind.

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Paul Brunst: Benefits of Volunteering

Paul Brunst is a Colorado police officer with over a decade of experience. In addition to serving his community as an officer of the law, Brunst enjoys volunteering and helping charities in his area, often as a family activity.

Paul Brunst- Benefits of Volunteering

“Volunteer work, to me, is every bit as important as being a police officer. I became a cop because I wanted to help others, and that’s the same reason I volunteer.” Paul Brunst said in a recent interview. “It’s all for the better of the community and the world my kids will live in.

If you’re considering joining Brunst and other volunteers in helping others, benefits like those below might convince you to take your first volunteer role:

  • Community Support.

If every community had enough volunteers and charity supporters, the world might see much less suffering and more happiness. Any volunteer effort can strengthen your community and brighten the lives of those in need.

  • Family Bonding.

Officer Brunst involves his family in his volunteer and charity efforts whenever he can. As a result, he, his wife and their three children have closer bonds. Volunteering for familial bonding isn’t selfish, it’s a great perk of a compassionate activity.

Paul Brunst: Benefits of Volunteering

Whether you’re a seasoned police officer like Paul Brunst or a high school student looking to fill the summer, volunteer work can improve your life and those of others. What better reason is there to do something?

Paul Brunst: Work/Life Balance as an Officer

Paul Brunst is a busy police officer who lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife and their three children. He strives to maintain a healthy work/life balance, which can be difficult in such a demanding position, and he spends as much time with his loved ones as he can.

Officer Paul Brunst doesn’t just spend time with his family, he keeps them involved with his life. From participating in volunteer efforts together to exercising and staying fit as a family, he goes out of his way to find balance.

Below are just a few quotes from a recent interview on how Officer Brunst feels about his family and maintaining his work/life balance:

  • Family Volunteer Time.

“My wife and kids volunteer with me a lot. I love seeing them out there, having fun and helping others,” said Officer Brunst. “It helps them understand why I do what I do and it’s making my kids better people.”

  • Family Activities.

“I’ve always loved exercise and staying fit, and as an officer, I train hard to protect others and myself.” Brunst elaborated, adding “My wife and kids work out with me, hike with me, bike with me and try to be a little family of police officers with me. I couldn’t be luckier.”

Whether you’re a police officer like Paul Brunst or a busy accountant, maintaining work/life balance isn’t easy, but it’s more than worth the effort.