Paul Brunst on the Importance of Being Fit

Paul Brunst, a police officer from Denver, Colorado, weighs down on the importance of staying fit at all times. According to Paul Brunst, the importance of physical and mental fitness cannot be emphasized enough. Brunst says that being in law enforcement is a great responsibility. It puts huge pressure on your shoulders to always demonstrate your best.

Being relied upon by thousands of people is a huge pressure, as you are trusted to make the right decision always. You can be faced with any situation at any time, which means you have to be prepared to be able to deal with anything. Quickness of mind and action requires one to be mentally and physically fit. Emotional stability is directly related to mental fitness. And a good police man always keeps his or her emotions at bay, and takes the right decision no matter the circumstance.

By being mentally fit, it is also implied that a police man should be quick at making decisions. Indecisiveness can project you as a weak person and can get you killed. On the other hand, the importance of physical fitness cannot be undermined either. For instance, you may have to chase a criminal, and not being able to run fast enough or getting tired easily can hinder you from catching one.

Paul Brunst personally loves to do exercise to stay fit and to relieve himself from stress. He also emphasizes that there are many traits that make a good police officer, but being fit is one of the most important traits a policeman must possess. Because being a law enforcement officer is one of the most emotionally and physically demanding job, fitness is key.